Hey, Austin. We're happy to be here.
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Hey, Austin. We're happy to be here.


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Austin is changing. Fast. You want to stay up to date without being overwhelmed. Enter Austin Daily — a weekday morning newsletter, backed by Hearst, that breaks down the day’s big stories (plus some fun stuff) so that you can stay informed and then just keep livin', man. L-I-V-I-N.

What you'll find in our newsletter — and what you won't.

✔️ Original reporting about Austin's growth — and how it affects you. Think real estate trends, public park news, parking woes and Austin “isms” that make the city tick.

✔️ Your voice. We want to build a community with you and for you. Send us your rants about new developments, your love letters to Austin staples and your thoughts about all the local issues in between.

✔️ Weather. Because weather affects every aspect of our lives, from I-35 commute headaches to green space planning. And Austin's weather can be, well, weird. 

🚫 No daily crime coverage or breaking news alerts. We'll take a big-picture view of those stories, but don't expect minute-by-minute updates from us.

🚫 No things-to-do lists or culture reviews. We think a lot of publications in the city are doing this well already.

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