Why weather? And what to expect from us.

Why weather? And what to expect from us.

It may seem odd that daily forecasts and weather science stories landed on a site largely aimed at helping you keep up with Austin's growth. But stay with us.

Weather affects every aspect of our lives, from I-35 commute headaches to green space planning. And Austin's weather can be, well, weird. Enter, meteorologist Mary Wasson. Here's what you can expect:

☀️A useful 7-day forecast every Monday, right here on this page. It will be updated each morning as patterns change, so bookmark it!

☀️A bite-size forecast — with a bit of flair — in our daily newsletter, if you'd rather check your inbox.

☀️Weird, wacky, weather science stuff! We're talking freeze trends, allergy info, that mythical "Austin Rain Dome" and so much more.

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