🛻 380 Cybertrucks & Howard E. Butt: 4 things to know
City of Austin
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🛻 380 Cybertrucks & Howard E. Butt: 4 things to know

Plus, we've got ourselves a Texas wine country hater.


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☀️ How ya doin', Austin?

PSA: The Austin subreddit is swarming with photos of dogs in bluebonnets. So go forth, get some serotonin.

Today, we've got another numbers roundup of Austin news for ya, including how many Cybertrucks were spotted at Giga Texas last week.

Then, peek who's throwing some shade at our Hill Country wineries, and see what Mueller looked like in 1984.

4️⃣ By the numbers: What's up in Austin?

7 — The number of decades Deep Eddy Cabaret, which was just designated an official historic site, has been operating

Is there a better duo than Deep Eddy Cabaret and Pool Burger? I think not.

The former has been around for waaay longer than a hot minute. Hell, the building it’s in is more than 100 years old. And on Thursday, City Council voted yes to zoning the land that the grade-A dive bar sits on as an historical site. 

That means:

🍸 It’s now eligible for tax breaks and federal, local and state grants.

🍸 City leaders know what’s UP when it comes to which Austin dive bars reign supreme. This is the OG right here.

City of Austin

Sept. 19 — When a future city manager is expected to propose a timeline to introduce code changes to bring in more trees

The council laid out a 14-step homework assignment for the city manager to complete and present to the Council Mobility Committee by Sept. 19.

Why more trees? Because with our summers getting pushed further into three-digit temps, we’ll need that good ol’ shade, especially if the city is going to incentivize folks to use alternative methods of transportation, like a future light rail.

Nothin’ like melting on the sidewalk waiting for a train or a bus.


🌳 They help with rain drainage, since tree root areas can absorb the stormwater.

🌳 Trees are part of the city’s broader green infrastructure plan. 

Here's the thing, though: We haven’t had a full-time city manager since February 2023. We have one in the interim, though.

So, this plan is kind of up in the air until we get one.

159 — Where the family behind H-E-B ranks in Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index

If you weren’t aware, H-E-B doesn’t stand for “Here, Everything’s Better,” although we’re fierce believers that everything is better upon walking into one.

It stands for Howard Edward Butt Sr. Flashback to our moms sending us into giggle fits upon telling us this bit of trivia when we were 8 years old.

Mr. Butt founded the supermarket that’s now regularly ranked the top grocery retailer in the U.S.

The Butt Family is worth $13.3 billion, a $2.7 billion jump since this time last year, per Bloomberg.

~380 — The number of Tesla Cybertrucks spotted at Elon Musk’s Giga Texas off the 130 toll road

Cesspool or not, YouTube has some cool stuff. 

Including footage from local commercial drone pilot Brad Sloan, who has been posting aerial views of Tesla’s manufacturing facility — with a cat video sprinkled in every now and again — for three years now.

One of his latest videos showed about 380 Cybertrucks at Giga Texas, an 80-truck increase from what was shown in a video posted a week prior. 

Cybertruck production started last year, and the number of units spotted at Giga Texas has gradually grown since. 

About 100 were spotted on Feb. 21 for the first time by another drone operator who's been pointing his camera at Giga Texas.

Cybertrucks at Giga Texas in November 2023. Source: SUZANNE CORDEIRO/AFP via Getty Images

So what? Musk chose Austin as Tesla’s home. And business is clearly booming with that many ready to ship. 

By the way, anyone else notice a suspiciously large number of Cybertrucks roaming around town during Southby? 

Pretty good marketing for a company that got rid of its marketing department in 2020 …

— Katie Canales, Editor

Temperature: 68 degrees | Sun: Slay All Day | What to Expect: Cool north breeze

We’ll see a nice break in the rain on Tuesday with lots of sunshine and comfy north winds. Be sure to enjoy the slightly cooler temperatures because we are going to be flirting with 90 by this time next week.

Mary’s Tip: It’s Taco Tuesday, so I rank today’s weather three Veracruz Tacos. 🌮

🚨Texas wine country H8 Alert🚨

Look, we're gonna be reasonable about this. To each their own, everyone has their own opinion, etc. etc.

But we do have to flag the fact that our dear Freddyburg and Hill Country winery scene is gettin' a little hate from someone who ... checks notes ... is NOT from around these here parts.

Alex Cohen used to be product lead at Carbon Health, a San Francisco-based tech health startup. Now he's the founder of his own startup living in Austin, and he wants all of you to know that he thinks the Napa wine country is, like, way better.

Alex Cohen/X

For the uninitiated, Temu is a Chinese company-operated online marketplace that's gone viral in the last couple of years for its uber-discounted (cough, sometimes cheap, cough) items.

This is a good time to bring up Texas Monthly's "Don't Napa my 290" piece from last year.

Cohen did follow up with a comment about how Austin's breweries are much better. Plus, he's also in the know on hands-down the best doughnuts in all of Central Texas ...

So we'll give him that. But still. C'mon, man.

Austin From Above

We've got a new segment for all y'all. And it lets us fiddle with Google Earth for fun, so I guess we're the real winners.

Let's look at then-and-now photos of our Mueller neighborhood over the decades. Today, we know it as a "Truman Show"-esque, albeit quaint and family-oriented, residential area.

But it used to be where our city's airport was (we wrote about this in February).

A satellite view from 1984:

You can clearly see the runways.

That same view now:

Oh the times, how they have a-changed.

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