Hello, Austin.

Hello, Austin.

Austin is changing. Fast. You want to stay up to date without being overwhelmed. Enter Austin Daily — a weekday morning newsletter, backed by Hearst, that breaks down the day’s big stories (plus some fun stuff) so that you can stay informed and then just keep livin', man. L-I-V-I-N.

What you'll find in our newsletter — and what you won't.

✔️ Original reporting about Austin's growth — and how it affects you. Think real estate trends, public park news, parking woes and Austin “isms” that make the city tick.

✔️ Your voice. We want to build a community with you and for you. Send us your rants about new developments, your love letters to Austin staples and your thoughts about all the local issues in between.

✔️ Weather. Because weather affects every aspect of our lives, from I-35 commute headaches to green space planning. And Austin's weather can be, well, weird. 

🚫 No daily crime coverage or breaking news alerts. We'll take a big-picture view of those stories, but don't expect minute-by-minute updates from us.

🚫 No things-to-do lists or culture reviews. We think a lot of publications in the city are doing this well already.

Who's behind the email?

We are journalists first, Austinites second. Bio info for our full-time editorial staff is below. We also work with a handful of trusted freelancers. And because we're backed by Hearst, you may notice the occasional Austin-adjacent story from one of our fellow Hearst newsrooms, including the San Antonio Express-News or Houston Chronicle.

What next?

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Meet the Team

Randi Stevenson, Managing Editor

Hello hello! I’m the Managing Editor of Austin Daily. I help guide our coverage and oversee our business growth.

I’m originally from Northern California, but please don’t hold that against me! I’ve lived in Texas for four years, working at the San Antonio Express-News. Before moving south, I was the Real Estate Editor at the Chicago Tribune.

Obligatory fun fact: I am a massive and unapologetic fan of private-room karaoke. I’m also a new-ish mom and always on the hunt for local parenting tips, tricks, emotional support groups (half kidding), etc.

🍝 In: Really good carbonara. Hit me up with your Austin recs.

🚫 Out: Counting steps. I'm an avid power walker but when, as a society, did we collectively shun mileage?


Katie Canales, Editor

Howdy! I help steer the ship of Austin Daily, and I’m usually behind the story at the top of each newsletter.

I’m a sixth-generation Texan, born and raised in Pflugerville (AKA home to Friday Night Lights #cantlose).

I got a journalism degree from Texas A&M and moved to San Francisco in 2018, where I covered tech, crypto, Silicon Valley culture and the streaming market at Business Insider. SF grew too chilly for my Texas blood, and I moved back to Austin in early 2021. I've since worked at Morning Brew and Milk Road.

Outside of work, I’m an avid sand volleyballer, lifter, Town Lake trail walker, brewery hopper and restaurant goer. Shoot me an email about a cool bar that I probably don’t know about.

🥬 In: Finally remembering to keep all my H-E-B bags in my car so I don’t have to buy new ones.

🚫 Out: Always needing a dinner rezzie. Put your name on the list, try out a new nearby bar to pass the time. Boom.


Cat DeLaura, Reporter

Hi, y’all! You’ll find my byline each morning in your inbox, but you’ll also find my work over on our Instagram page. Say hi in our DMs and I’ll be the one responding.

I was born in Texas, specifically, in the Space City. When I was 10, I moved to Virginia — then London, New York, St. Petersburg (the Russian one) and Santa Barbara. In 2018, I came back to Texas and got a master's in Journalism at UT (#gohorns). 

I covered local politics at the Victoria Advocate, including a push by a local group to get a number of books removed from the public library. In 2022, I joined the Houston Chronicle where I founded The 713 newsletter, among others.

When I’m not reporting, you can probably find me either curled up in a coffee shop reading or exploring Austin’s biking trails. Have a book or trail rec? Send me an email!

🏊‍♀️ In: Sunrise swims at Barton — I swear this is the year I’m finally going to make this a (semi … let’s not be too ambitious) regular habit.

🚫 Out: My fear of cold water (see above for why this is necessary).


Mary Wasson, Meteorologist

Hi y’all! I’m the resident weather nerd who lives and breathes this crazy Austin weather! It’s my job to provide an accurate forecast every day along with some fun Texas weather tidbits.

I grew up in Kentucky (#gocats) but flew south in search of warmer weather in the summer of 2011. What I found was the hottest summer on record, a love of running around Lady Bird Lake, and amazing outdoor patios.

I have a Communications degree from Morehead State University and a Master of Science in Meteorology at Mississippi State University (#HailState). I’ve worked as a Broadcast Meteorologist in Rapid City, SD; Lexington, KY; Austin and Temple, TX.

When I don’t have my head in the clouds, I love weightlifting, running, volunteering at the community center, attending church, and wrangling my two kiddos!